alias ImGui::TopLevel::ImGuiWindowFlags

Alias Definition


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Constant Summary

All = 529006591
AlwaysAutoResize = 64

Resize every window to its content every frame

AlwaysHorizontalScrollbar = 32768

Always show horizontal scrollbar (even if ContentSize.x < Size.x)

AlwaysVerticalScrollbar = 16384

Always show vertical scrollbar (even if ContentSize.y < Size.y)

ChildMenu = 268435456

Don't use! For internal use by BeginMenu()

ChildWindow = 16777216

Don't use! For internal use by BeginChild()

HorizontalScrollbar = 2048

Allow horizontal scrollbar to appear (off by default). You may use SetNextWindowContentSize(ImVec2(width,0.0f)); prior to calling Begin() to specify width. Read code in imgui_demo in the "Horizontal Scrolling" section.

MenuBar = 1024

Has a menu-bar

Modal = 134217728

Don't use! For internal use by BeginPopupModal()

NavFlattened = 8388608

[BETA] On child window: share focus scope, allow gamepad/keyboard navigation to cross over parent border to this child or between sibling child windows.

NoBackground = 128

Disable drawing background color (WindowBg, etc.) and outside border. Similar as using SetNextWindowBgAlpha(0.0f).

NoBringToFrontOnFocus = 8192

Disable bringing window to front when taking focus (e.g. clicking on it or programmatically giving it focus)

NoCollapse = 32

Disable user collapsing window by double-clicking on it. Also referred to as Window Menu Button (e.g. within a docking node).

NoDecoration = 43
NoFocusOnAppearing = 4096

Disable taking focus when transitioning from hidden to visible state

NoInputs = 197120
NoMouseInputs = 512

Disable catching mouse, hovering test with pass through.

NoMove = 4

Disable user moving the window

NoNav = 196608
NoNavFocus = 131072

No focusing toward this window with gamepad/keyboard navigation (e.g. skipped by CTRL+TAB)

NoNavInputs = 65536

No gamepad/keyboard navigation within the window

None = 0
NoResize = 2

Disable user resizing with the lower-right grip

NoSavedSettings = 256

Never load/save settings in .ini file

NoScrollbar = 8

Disable scrollbars (window can still scroll with mouse or programmatically)

NoScrollWithMouse = 16

Disable user vertically scrolling with mouse wheel. On child window, mouse wheel will be forwarded to the parent unless NoScrollbar is also set.

NoTitleBar = 1

Disable title-bar

Popup = 67108864

Don't use! For internal use by BeginPopup()

Tooltip = 33554432

Don't use! For internal use by BeginTooltip()

UnsavedDocument = 262144

Display a dot next to the title. When used in a tab/docking context, tab is selected when clicking the X + closure is not assumed (will wait for user to stop submitting the tab). Otherwise closure is assumed when pressing the X, so if you keep submitting the tab may reappear at end of tab bar.