alias ImGui::TopLevel::ImDrawListFlags

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Constant Summary

All = 15
AllowVtxOffset = 8

Can emit 'VtxOffset > 0' to allow large meshes. Set when 'ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset' is enabled.

AntiAliasedFill = 4

Enable anti-aliased edge around filled shapes (rounded rectangles, circles).

AntiAliasedLines = 1

Enable anti-aliased lines/borders (*2 the number of triangles for 1.0f wide line or lines thin enough to be drawn using textures, otherwise *3 the number of triangles)

AntiAliasedLinesUseTex = 2

Enable anti-aliased lines/borders using textures when possible. Require backend to render with bilinear filtering (NOT point/nearest filtering).

None = 0