enum ImGui::ImGuiPopupFlags


enum ImGuiPopupFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
MouseButtonLeft = 0

For BeginPopupContext*(): open on Left Mouse release. Guaranteed to always be == 0 (same as ImGuiMouseButton_Left)

MouseButtonRight = 1

For BeginPopupContext*(): open on Right Mouse release. Guaranteed to always be == 1 (same as ImGuiMouseButton_Right)

MouseButtonMiddle = 2

For BeginPopupContext*(): open on Middle Mouse release. Guaranteed to always be == 2 (same as ImGuiMouseButton_Middle)

MouseButtonMask_ = 31
MouseButtonDefault_ = 1
NoReopen = 32

For OpenPopup*(), BeginPopupContext*(): don't reopen same popup if already open (won't reposition, won't reinitialize navigation)

NoOpenOverExistingPopup = 128

For OpenPopup*(), BeginPopupContext*(): don't open if there's already a popup at the same level of the popup stack

NoOpenOverItems = 256

For BeginPopupContextWindow(): don't return true when hovering items, only when hovering empty space

AnyPopupId = 1024

For IsPopupOpen(): ignore the ImGuiID parameter and test for any popup.

AnyPopupLevel = 2048

For IsPopupOpen(): search/test at any level of the popup stack (default test in the current level)

AnyPopup = 3072
All = 3519

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def any_popup? #

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def any_popup_id? #

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def any_popup_level? #

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def mouse_button_default_? #

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def mouse_button_left? #

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def mouse_button_mask_? #

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def mouse_button_middle? #

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def mouse_button_right? #

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def no_open_over_existing_popup? #

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def no_open_over_items? #

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def no_reopen? #

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def none? #

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