enum ImGui::ImGuiTreeNodeFlags


enum ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Selected = 1

Draw as selected

Framed = 2

Draw frame with background (e.g. for CollapsingHeader)

AllowOverlap = 4

Hit testing to allow subsequent widgets to overlap this one

NoTreePushOnOpen = 8

Don't do a TreePush() when open (e.g. for CollapsingHeader) = no extra indent nor pushing on ID stack

NoAutoOpenOnLog = 16

Don't automatically and temporarily open node when Logging is active (by default logging will automatically open tree nodes)

DefaultOpen = 32

Default node to be open

OpenOnDoubleClick = 64

Need double-click to open node

OpenOnArrow = 128

Only open when clicking on the arrow part. If ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnDoubleClick is also set, single-click arrow or double-click all box to open.

Leaf = 256

No collapsing, no arrow (use as a convenience for leaf nodes).

Bullet = 512

Display a bullet instead of arrow. IMPORTANT: node can still be marked open/close if you don't set the _Leaf flag!

FramePadding = 1024

Use FramePadding (even for an unframed text node) to vertically align text baseline to regular widget height. Equivalent to calling AlignTextToFramePadding().

SpanAvailWidth = 2048

Extend hit box to the right-most edge, even if not framed. This is not the default in order to allow adding other items on the same line without using AllowOverlap mode.

SpanFullWidth = 4096

Extend hit box to the left-most and right-most edges (cover the indent area).

SpanTextWidth = 8192

Narrow hit box + narrow hovering highlight, will only cover the label text.

SpanAllColumns = 16384

Frame will span all columns of its container table (text will still fit in current column)

NavLeftJumpsBackHere = 32768

(WIP) Nav: left direction may move to this TreeNode() from any of its child (items submitted between TreeNode and TreePop)

CollapsingHeader = 26
All = 65535

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Instance Method Detail

def allow_overlap? #

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def bullet? #

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def collapsing_header? #

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def default_open? #

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def frame_padding? #

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def framed? #

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def leaf? #

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def nav_left_jumps_back_here? #

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def no_auto_open_on_log? #

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def no_tree_push_on_open? #

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def none? #

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def open_on_arrow? #

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def open_on_double_click? #

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def selected? #

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def span_all_columns? #

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def span_avail_width? #

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def span_full_width? #

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def span_text_width? #

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