enum ImGui::ImGuiTreeNodeFlags


enum ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Selected = 1

Draw as selected

Framed = 2

Draw frame with background (e.g. for CollapsingHeader)

AllowOverlap = 4

Hit testing to allow subsequent widgets to overlap this one

NoTreePushOnOpen = 8

Don't do a TreePush() when open (e.g. for CollapsingHeader) = no extra indent nor pushing on ID stack

NoAutoOpenOnLog = 16

Don't automatically and temporarily open node when Logging is active (by default logging will automatically open tree nodes)

DefaultOpen = 32

Default node to be open

OpenOnDoubleClick = 64

Need double-click to open node

OpenOnArrow = 128

Only open when clicking on the arrow part. If ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnDoubleClick is also set, single-click arrow or double-click all box to open.

Leaf = 256

No collapsing, no arrow (use as a convenience for leaf nodes).

Bullet = 512

Display a bullet instead of arrow. IMPORTANT: node can still be marked open/close if you don't set the _Leaf flag!

FramePadding = 1024

Use FramePadding (even for an unframed text node) to vertically align text baseline to regular widget height. Equivalent to calling AlignTextToFramePadding().

SpanAvailWidth = 2048

Extend hit box to the right-most edge, even if not framed. This is not the default in order to allow adding other items on the same line. In the future we may refactor the hit system to be front-to-back, allowing natural overlaps and then this can become the default.

SpanFullWidth = 4096

Extend hit box to the left-most and right-most edges (bypass the indented area).

NavLeftJumpsBackHere = 8192

(WIP) Nav: left direction may move to this TreeNode() from any of its child (items submitted between TreeNode and TreePop)

CollapsingHeader = 26

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Instance Method Detail

def allow_overlap? #

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def bullet? #

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def collapsing_header? #

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def default_open? #

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def frame_padding? #

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def framed? #

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def leaf? #

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def nav_left_jumps_back_here? #

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def no_auto_open_on_log? #

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def no_tree_push_on_open? #

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def none? #

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def open_on_arrow? #

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def open_on_double_click? #

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def selected? #

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def span_avail_width? #

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def span_full_width? #

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