enum ImGui::ImGuiHoveredFlags


enum ImGuiHoveredFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0

Return true if directly over the item/window, not obstructed by another window, not obstructed by an active popup or modal blocking inputs under them.

ChildWindows = 1

IsWindowHovered() only: Return true if any children of the window is hovered

RootWindow = 2

IsWindowHovered() only: Test from root window (top most parent of the current hierarchy)

AnyWindow = 4

IsWindowHovered() only: Return true if any window is hovered

NoPopupHierarchy = 8

IsWindowHovered() only: Do not consider popup hierarchy (do not treat popup emitter as parent of popup) (when used with _ChildWindows or _RootWindow)

AllowWhenBlockedByPopup = 32

Return true even if a popup window is normally blocking access to this item/window

AllowWhenBlockedByActiveItem = 128

Return true even if an active item is blocking access to this item/window. Useful for Drag and Drop patterns.

AllowWhenOverlapped = 256

IsItemHovered() only: Return true even if the position is obstructed or overlapped by another window

AllowWhenDisabled = 512

IsItemHovered() only: Return true even if the item is disabled

NoNavOverride = 1024

Disable using gamepad/keyboard navigation state when active, always query mouse.

RectOnly = 416
RootAndChildWindows = 3
DelayNormal = 2048

Return true after io.HoverDelayNormal elapsed (~0.30 sec)

DelayShort = 4096

Return true after io.HoverDelayShort elapsed (~0.10 sec)

NoSharedDelay = 8192

Disable shared delay system where moving from one item to the next keeps the previous timer for a short time (standard for tooltips with long delays)

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def allow_when_blocked_by_active_item? #

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def allow_when_blocked_by_popup? #

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def allow_when_disabled? #

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def allow_when_overlapped? #

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def any_window? #

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def child_windows? #

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def delay_normal? #

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def delay_short? #

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def no_nav_override? #

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def no_popup_hierarchy? #

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def no_shared_delay? #

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def none? #

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def rect_only? #

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def root_and_child_windows? #

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def root_window? #

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