struct ImGui::ImVector(T)


struct ImVector

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to_unsafe to_unsafe

Constructor Detail

def : Int32, capacity : Int32, data : Pointer(T)) #

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Instance Method Detail

def capacity : Int32 #

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def size : Int32 #
Description copied from module Indexable(T)

Returns the number of elements in this container.

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def to_unsafe : Pointer(T) #

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def unsafe_fetch(index : Int) #
Description copied from module Indexable(T)

Returns the element at the given index, without doing any bounds check.

Indexable makes sure to invoke this method with index in 0...size, so converting negative indices to positive ones is not needed here.

Clients never invoke this method directly. Instead, they access elements with #[](index) and #[]?(index).

This method should only be directly invoked if you are absolutely sure the index is in bounds, to avoid a bounds check for a small boost of performance.

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