enum ImGui::ImGuiInputTextFlags


enum ImGuiInputTextFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
CharsDecimal = 1

Allow 0123456789.+-*/

CharsHexadecimal = 2

Allow 0123456789ABCDEFabcdef

CharsUppercase = 4

Turn a..z into A..Z

CharsNoBlank = 8

Filter out spaces, tabs

AutoSelectAll = 16

Select entire text when first taking mouse focus

EnterReturnsTrue = 32

Return 'true' when Enter is pressed (as opposed to every time the value was modified). Consider looking at the IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() function.

CallbackCompletion = 64

Callback on pressing TAB (for completion handling)

CallbackHistory = 128

Callback on pressing Up/Down arrows (for history handling)

CallbackAlways = 256

Callback on each iteration. User code may query cursor position, modify text buffer.

CallbackCharFilter = 512

Callback on character inputs to replace or discard them. Modify 'EventChar' to replace or discard, or return 1 in callback to discard.

AllowTabInput = 1024

Pressing TAB input a '\t' character into the text field

CtrlEnterForNewLine = 2048

In multi-line mode, unfocus with Enter, add new line with Ctrl+Enter (default is opposite: unfocus with Ctrl+Enter, add line with Enter).

NoHorizontalScroll = 4096

Disable following the cursor horizontally

AlwaysOverwrite = 8192

Overwrite mode

ReadOnly = 16384

Read-only mode

Password = 32768

Password mode, display all characters as '*'

NoUndoRedo = 65536

Disable undo/redo. Note that input text owns the text data while active, if you want to provide your own undo/redo stack you need e.g. to call ClearActiveID().

CharsScientific = 131072

Allow 0123456789.+-*/eE (Scientific notation input)

CallbackResize = 262144

Callback on buffer capacity changes request (beyond 'buf_size' parameter value), allowing the string to grow. Notify when the string wants to be resized (for string types which hold a cache of their Size). You will be provided a new BufSize in the callback and NEED to honor it. (see misc/cpp/imgui_stdlib.h for an example of using this)

CallbackEdit = 524288

Callback on any edit (note that InputText() already returns true on edit, the callback is useful mainly to manipulate the underlying buffer while focus is active)

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def allow_tab_input? #

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def always_overwrite? #

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def auto_select_all? #

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def callback_always? #

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def callback_char_filter? #

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def callback_completion? #

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def callback_edit? #

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def callback_history? #

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def callback_resize? #

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def chars_decimal? #

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def chars_hexadecimal? #

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def chars_no_blank? #

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def chars_scientific? #

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def chars_uppercase? #

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def ctrl_enter_for_new_line? #

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def enter_returns_true? #

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def no_horizontal_scroll? #

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def no_undo_redo? #

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def none? #

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def password? #

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def read_only? #

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