struct ImGui::ImGuiTableSortSpecs


struct ImGuiTableSortSpecs

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Constructor Detail

def : ImGuiTableSortSpecs | Nil #

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Instance Method Detail

def specs : Slice(ImGuiTableColumnSortSpecs) #

Pointer to sort spec array.

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def specs=(specs : Slice(ImGuiTableColumnSortSpecs)) #

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def specs_count : Int32 #

Sort spec count. Most often 1. May be > 1 when ImGuiTableFlags_SortMulti is enabled. May be == 0 when ImGuiTableFlags_SortTristate is enabled.

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def specs_count=(specs_count : Int32) #

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def specs_dirty : Bool #

Set to true when specs have changed since last time! Use this to sort again, then clear the flag.

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def specs_dirty=(specs_dirty : Bool) #

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def to_unsafe : Pointer(T) #

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