enum ImGui::ImFontAtlasFlags


enum ImFontAtlasFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
NoPowerOfTwoHeight = 1

Don't round the height to next power of two

NoMouseCursors = 2

Don't build software mouse cursors into the atlas (save a little texture memory)

NoBakedLines = 4

Don't build thick line textures into the atlas (save a little texture memory, allow support for point/nearest filtering). The AntiAliasedLinesUseTex features uses them, otherwise they will be rendered using polygons (more expensive for CPU/GPU).

All = 7

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def no_baked_lines? #

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def no_mouse_cursors? #

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def no_power_of_two_height? #

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def none? #

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