enum ImGui::ImGuiTabItemFlags


enum ImGuiTabItemFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
UnsavedDocument = 1

Display a dot next to the title + set ImGuiTabItemFlags_NoAssumedClosure.

SetSelected = 2

Trigger flag to programmatically make the tab selected when calling BeginTabItem()

NoCloseWithMiddleMouseButton = 4

Disable behavior of closing tabs (that are submitted with p_open != NULL) with middle mouse button. You may handle this behavior manually on user's side with if (IsItemHovered() && IsMouseClicked(2)) *p_open = false.

NoPushId = 8

Don't call PushID()/PopID() on BeginTabItem()/EndTabItem()

NoTooltip = 16

Disable tooltip for the given tab

NoReorder = 32

Disable reordering this tab or having another tab cross over this tab

Leading = 64

Enforce the tab position to the left of the tab bar (after the tab list popup button)

Trailing = 128

Enforce the tab position to the right of the tab bar (before the scrolling buttons)

NoAssumedClosure = 256

Tab is selected when trying to close + closure is not immediately assumed (will wait for user to stop submitting the tab). Otherwise closure is assumed when pressing the X, so if you keep submitting the tab may reappear at end of tab bar.

All = 511

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Instance Method Detail

def leading? #

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def no_assumed_closure? #

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def no_close_with_middle_mouse_button? #

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def no_push_id? #

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def no_reorder? #

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def no_tooltip? #

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def none? #

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def set_selected? #

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def trailing? #

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def unsaved_document? #

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