alias ImGui::TopLevel::ImGuiInputTextFlags

Alias Definition


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Constant Summary

All = 2097151
AllowTabInput = 1024

Pressing TAB input a '\t' character into the text field

AlwaysOverwrite = 8192

Overwrite mode

AutoSelectAll = 16

Select entire text when first taking mouse focus

CallbackAlways = 256

Callback on each iteration. User code may query cursor position, modify text buffer.

CallbackCharFilter = 512

Callback on character inputs to replace or discard them. Modify 'EventChar' to replace or discard, or return 1 in callback to discard.

CallbackCompletion = 64

Callback on pressing TAB (for completion handling)

CallbackEdit = 524288

Callback on any edit (note that InputText() already returns true on edit, the callback is useful mainly to manipulate the underlying buffer while focus is active)

CallbackHistory = 128

Callback on pressing Up/Down arrows (for history handling)

CallbackResize = 262144

Callback on buffer capacity changes request (beyond 'buf_size' parameter value), allowing the string to grow. Notify when the string wants to be resized (for string types which hold a cache of their Size). You will be provided a new BufSize in the callback and NEED to honor it. (see misc/cpp/imgui_stdlib.h for an example of using this)

CharsDecimal = 1

Allow 0123456789.+-*/

CharsHexadecimal = 2

Allow 0123456789ABCDEFabcdef

CharsNoBlank = 8

Filter out spaces, tabs

CharsScientific = 131072

Allow 0123456789.+-*/eE (Scientific notation input)

CharsUppercase = 4

Turn a..z into A..Z

CtrlEnterForNewLine = 2048

In multi-line mode, unfocus with Enter, add new line with Ctrl+Enter (default is opposite: unfocus with Ctrl+Enter, add line with Enter).

EnterReturnsTrue = 32

Return 'true' when Enter is pressed (as opposed to every time the value was modified). Consider looking at the IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() function.

EscapeClearsAll = 1048576

Escape key clears content if not empty, and deactivate otherwise (contrast to default behavior of Escape to revert)

NoHorizontalScroll = 4096

Disable following the cursor horizontally

None = 0
NoUndoRedo = 65536

Disable undo/redo. Note that input text owns the text data while active, if you want to provide your own undo/redo stack you need e.g. to call ClearActiveID().

Password = 32768

Password mode, display all characters as '*'

ReadOnly = 16384

Read-only mode