struct ImGui::ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder


struct ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder

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Constructor Detail

def : LibImGui::ImVectorInternal) #

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def : ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder #

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Instance Method Detail

def add_char(c : ImWchar) : Void #

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def add_ranges(ranges : Pointer(ImWchar)) : Void #

Add ranges, e.g. builder.AddRanges(ImFontAtlas::GetGlyphRangesDefault()) to force add all of ASCII/Latin+Ext


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def add_text(text : Bytes | String) : Void #

Add string (each character of the UTF-8 string are added)


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def build_ranges : ImVector #

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def clear : Void #

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def get_bit(n : LibC::SizeT) : Bool #

Get bit n in the array


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def set_bit(n : LibC::SizeT) : Void #

Set bit n in the array


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def used_chars : ImVector(UInt32) #

Store 1-bit per Unicode code point (0=unused, 1=used)

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def used_chars=(used_chars : LibImGui::ImVectorInternal) #

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def used_chars=(used_chars : ImVector(UInt32)) #

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