enum ImGui::ImGuiTabBarFlags


enum ImGuiTabBarFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Reorderable = 1

Allow manually dragging tabs to re-order them + New tabs are appended at the end of list

AutoSelectNewTabs = 2

Automatically select new tabs when they appear

TabListPopupButton = 4

Disable buttons to open the tab list popup

NoCloseWithMiddleMouseButton = 8

Disable behavior of closing tabs (that are submitted with p_open != NULL) with middle mouse button. You may handle this behavior manually on user's side with if (IsItemHovered() && IsMouseClicked(2)) *p_open = false.

NoTabListScrollingButtons = 16

Disable scrolling buttons (apply when fitting policy is ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll)

NoTooltip = 32

Disable tooltips when hovering a tab

FittingPolicyResizeDown = 64

Resize tabs when they don't fit

FittingPolicyScroll = 128

Add scroll buttons when tabs don't fit

FittingPolicyMask_ = 192
FittingPolicyDefault_ = 64
All = 255

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def auto_select_new_tabs? #

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def fitting_policy_default_? #

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def fitting_policy_mask_? #

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def fitting_policy_resize_down? #

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def fitting_policy_scroll? #

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def no_close_with_middle_mouse_button? #

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def no_tab_list_scrolling_buttons? #

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def no_tooltip? #

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def none? #

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def reorderable? #

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def tab_list_popup_button? #

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