enum ImGui::ImGuiChildFlags


enum ImGuiChildFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Border = 1

Show an outer border and enable WindowPadding. (IMPORTANT: this is always == 1 == true for legacy reason)

AlwaysUseWindowPadding = 2

Pad with style.WindowPadding even if no border are drawn (no padding by default for non-bordered child windows because it makes more sense)

ResizeX = 4

Allow resize from right border (layout direction). Enable .ini saving (unless ImGuiWindowFlags_NoSavedSettings passed to window flags)

ResizeY = 8

Allow resize from bottom border (layout direction). "

AutoResizeX = 16

Enable auto-resizing width. Read "IMPORTANT: Size measurement" details above.

AutoResizeY = 32

Enable auto-resizing height. Read "IMPORTANT: Size measurement" details above.

AlwaysAutoResize = 64

Combined with AutoResizeX/AutoResizeY. Always measure size even when child is hidden, always return true, always disable clipping optimization! NOT RECOMMENDED.

FrameStyle = 128

Style the child window like a framed item: use FrameBg, FrameRounding, FrameBorderSize, FramePadding instead of ChildBg, ChildRounding, ChildBorderSize, WindowPadding.

All = 255

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def always_auto_resize? #

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def always_use_window_padding? #

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def auto_resize_x? #

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def auto_resize_y? #

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def border? #

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def frame_style? #

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def none? #

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def resize_x? #

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def resize_y? #

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