alias ImGui::TopLevel::ImGuiSliderFlags

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Constant Summary

All = 1879048447
AlwaysClamp = 16

Clamp value to min/max bounds when input manually with CTRL+Click. By default CTRL+Click allows going out of bounds.

InvalidMask_ = 1879048207

[Internal] We treat using those bits as being potentially a 'float power' argument from the previous API that has got miscast to this enum, and will trigger an assert if needed.

Logarithmic = 32

Make the widget logarithmic (linear otherwise). Consider using ImGuiSliderFlags_NoRoundToFormat with this if using a format-string with small amount of digits.

NoInput = 128

Disable CTRL+Click or Enter key allowing to input text directly into the widget

None = 0
NoRoundToFormat = 64

Disable rounding underlying value to match precision of the display format string (e.g. %.3f values are rounded to those 3 digits)