enum ImGui::ImGuiMouseCursor


enum ImGuiMouseCursor_

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Enum Members

None = -1
Arrow = 0
TextInput = 1

When hovering over InputText, etc.

ResizeAll = 2

(Unused by Dear ImGui functions)

ResizeNS = 3

When hovering over a horizontal border

ResizeEW = 4

When hovering over a vertical border or a column

ResizeNESW = 5

When hovering over the bottom-left corner of a window

ResizeNWSE = 6

When hovering over the bottom-right corner of a window

Hand = 7

(Unused by Dear ImGui functions. Use for e.g. hyperlinks)

NotAllowed = 8

When hovering something with disallowed interaction. Usually a crossed circle.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def arrow? #

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def hand? #

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def none? #

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def not_allowed? #

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def resize_all? #

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def resize_ew? #

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def resize_nesw? #

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def resize_ns? #

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def resize_nwse? #

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def text_input? #

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