enum ImGui::ImGuiTableFlags


enum ImGuiTableFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Resizable = 1

Enable resizing columns.

Reorderable = 2

Enable reordering columns in header row (need calling TableSetupColumn() + TableHeadersRow() to display headers)

Hideable = 4

Enable hiding/disabling columns in context menu.

Sortable = 8

Enable sorting. Call TableGetSortSpecs() to obtain sort specs. Also see ImGuiTableFlags_SortMulti and ImGuiTableFlags_SortTristate.

NoSavedSettings = 16

Disable persisting columns order, width and sort settings in the .ini file.

ContextMenuInBody = 32

Right-click on columns body/contents will display table context menu. By default it is available in TableHeadersRow().

RowBg = 64

Set each RowBg color with ImGuiCol_TableRowBg or ImGuiCol_TableRowBgAlt (equivalent of calling TableSetBgColor with ImGuiTableBgFlags_RowBg0 on each row manually)

BordersInnerH = 128

Draw horizontal borders between rows.

BordersOuterH = 256

Draw horizontal borders at the top and bottom.

BordersInnerV = 512

Draw vertical borders between columns.

BordersOuterV = 1024

Draw vertical borders on the left and right sides.

BordersH = 384

Draw horizontal borders.

BordersV = 1536

Draw vertical borders.

BordersInner = 640

Draw inner borders.

BordersOuter = 1280

Draw outer borders.

Borders = 1920

Draw all borders.

NoBordersInBody = 2048

[ALPHA] Disable vertical borders in columns Body (borders will always appear in Headers). -> May move to style

NoBordersInBodyUntilResize = 4096

[ALPHA] Disable vertical borders in columns Body until hovered for resize (borders will always appear in Headers). -> May move to style

SizingFixedFit = 8192

Columns default to _WidthFixed or _WidthAuto (if resizable or not resizable), matching contents width.

SizingFixedSame = 16384

Columns default to _WidthFixed or _WidthAuto (if resizable or not resizable), matching the maximum contents width of all columns. Implicitly enable ImGuiTableFlags_NoKeepColumnsVisible.

SizingStretchProp = 24576

Columns default to _WidthStretch with default weights proportional to each columns contents widths.

SizingStretchSame = 32768

Columns default to _WidthStretch with default weights all equal, unless overridden by TableSetupColumn().

NoHostExtendX = 65536

Make outer width auto-fit to columns, overriding outer_size.x value. Only available when ScrollX/ScrollY are disabled and Stretch columns are not used.

NoHostExtendY = 131072

Make outer height stop exactly at outer_size.y (prevent auto-extending table past the limit). Only available when ScrollX/ScrollY are disabled. Data below the limit will be clipped and not visible.

NoKeepColumnsVisible = 262144

Disable keeping column always minimally visible when ScrollX is off and table gets too small. Not recommended if columns are resizable.

PreciseWidths = 524288

Disable distributing remainder width to stretched columns (width allocation on a 100-wide table with 3 columns: Without this flag: 33,33,34. With this flag: 33,33,33). With larger number of columns, resizing will appear to be less smooth.

NoClip = 1048576

Disable clipping rectangle for every individual columns (reduce draw command count, items will be able to overflow into other columns). Generally incompatible with TableSetupScrollFreeze().

PadOuterX = 2097152

Default if BordersOuterV is on. Enable outermost padding. Generally desirable if you have headers.

NoPadOuterX = 4194304

Default if BordersOuterV is off. Disable outermost padding.

NoPadInnerX = 8388608

Disable inner padding between columns (double inner padding if BordersOuterV is on, single inner padding if BordersOuterV is off).

ScrollX = 16777216

Enable horizontal scrolling. Require 'outer_size' parameter of BeginTable() to specify the container size. Changes default sizing policy. Because this creates a child window, ScrollY is currently generally recommended when using ScrollX.

ScrollY = 33554432

Enable vertical scrolling. Require 'outer_size' parameter of BeginTable() to specify the container size.

SortMulti = 67108864

Hold shift when clicking headers to sort on multiple column. TableGetSortSpecs() may return specs where (SpecsCount > 1).

SortTristate = 134217728

Allow no sorting, disable default sorting. TableGetSortSpecs() may return specs where (SpecsCount == 0).

HighlightHoveredColumn = 268435456

Highlight column headers when hovered (may evolve into a fuller highlight)

SizingMask_ = 57344
All = 536870911

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def borders? #

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def borders_h? #

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def borders_inner? #

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def borders_inner_h? #

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def borders_inner_v? #

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def borders_outer? #

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def borders_outer_h? #

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def borders_outer_v? #

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def borders_v? #

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def context_menu_in_body? #

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def hideable? #

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def highlight_hovered_column? #

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def no_borders_in_body? #

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def no_borders_in_body_until_resize? #

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def no_clip? #

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def no_host_extend_x? #

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def no_host_extend_y? #

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def no_keep_columns_visible? #

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def no_pad_inner_x? #

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def no_pad_outer_x? #

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def no_saved_settings? #

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def none? #

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def pad_outer_x? #

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def precise_widths? #

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def reorderable? #

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def resizable? #

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def row_bg? #

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def scroll_x? #

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def scroll_y? #

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def sizing_fixed_fit? #

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def sizing_fixed_same? #

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def sizing_mask_? #

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def sizing_stretch_prop? #

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def sizing_stretch_same? #

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def sort_multi? #

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def sort_tristate? #

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def sortable? #

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