enum ImGui::ImGuiTableColumnFlags


enum ImGuiTableColumnFlags_

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Enum Members

None = 0
Disabled = 1

Overriding/master disable flag: hide column, won't show in context menu (unlike calling TableSetColumnEnabled() which manipulates the user accessible state)

DefaultHide = 2

Default as a hidden/disabled column.

DefaultSort = 4

Default as a sorting column.

WidthStretch = 8

Column will stretch. Preferable with horizontal scrolling disabled (default if table sizing policy is _SizingStretchSame or _SizingStretchProp).

WidthFixed = 16

Column will not stretch. Preferable with horizontal scrolling enabled (default if table sizing policy is _SizingFixedFit and table is resizable).

NoResize = 32

Disable manual resizing.

NoReorder = 64

Disable manual reordering this column, this will also prevent other columns from crossing over this column.

NoHide = 128

Disable ability to hide/disable this column.

NoClip = 256

Disable clipping for this column (all NoClip columns will render in a same draw command).

NoSort = 512

Disable ability to sort on this field (even if ImGuiTableFlags_Sortable is set on the table).

NoSortAscending = 1024

Disable ability to sort in the ascending direction.

NoSortDescending = 2048

Disable ability to sort in the descending direction.

NoHeaderLabel = 4096

TableHeadersRow() will not submit horizontal label for this column. Convenient for some small columns. Name will still appear in context menu or in angled headers.

NoHeaderWidth = 8192

Disable header text width contribution to automatic column width.

PreferSortAscending = 16384

Make the initial sort direction Ascending when first sorting on this column (default).

PreferSortDescending = 32768

Make the initial sort direction Descending when first sorting on this column.

IndentEnable = 65536

Use current Indent value when entering cell (default for column 0).

IndentDisable = 131072

Ignore current Indent value when entering cell (default for columns > 0). Indentation changes within the cell will still be honored.

AngledHeader = 262144

TableHeadersRow() will submit an angled header row for this column. Note this will add an extra row.

IsEnabled = 16777216

Status: is enabled == not hidden by user/api (referred to as "Hide" in _DefaultHide and _NoHide) flags.

IsVisible = 33554432

Status: is visible == is enabled AND not clipped by scrolling.

IsSorted = 67108864

Status: is currently part of the sort specs

IsHovered = 134217728

Status: is hovered by mouse

WidthMask_ = 24
IndentMask_ = 196608
StatusMask_ = 251658240
NoDirectResize_ = 1073741824

[Internal] Disable user resizing this column directly (it may however we resized indirectly from its left edge)

All = 1325924351

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def angled_header? #

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def default_hide? #

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def default_sort? #

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def disabled? #

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def indent_disable? #

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def indent_enable? #

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def indent_mask_? #

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def is_enabled? #

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def is_hovered? #

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def is_sorted? #

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def is_visible? #

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def no_clip? #

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def no_direct_resize_? #

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def no_header_label? #

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def no_header_width? #

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def no_hide? #

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def no_reorder? #

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def no_resize? #

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def no_sort? #

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def no_sort_ascending? #

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def no_sort_descending? #

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def none? #

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def prefer_sort_ascending? #

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def prefer_sort_descending? #

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def status_mask_? #

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def width_fixed? #

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def width_mask_? #

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def width_stretch? #

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