alias ImGui::TopLevel::ImGuiColorEditFlags

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Constant Summary

All = 536807422
AlphaBar = 65536

ColorEdit, ColorPicker: show vertical alpha bar/gradient in picker.

AlphaPreview = 131072

ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: display preview as a transparent color over a checkerboard, instead of opaque.

AlphaPreviewHalf = 262144

ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: display half opaque / half checkerboard, instead of opaque.

DataTypeMask_ = 25165824
DefaultOptions_ = 177209344
DisplayHex = 4194304

[Display] "

DisplayHSV = 2097152

[Display] "

DisplayMask_ = 7340032
DisplayRGB = 1048576

[Display] ColorEdit: override display type among RGB/HSV/Hex. ColorPicker: select any combination using one or more of RGB/HSV/Hex.

Float = 16777216

[DataType] ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: display values formatted as 0.0f..1.0f floats instead of 0..255 integers. No round-trip of value via integers.

HDR = 524288

(WIP) ColorEdit: Currently only disable 0.0f..1.0f limits in RGBA edition (note: you probably want to use ImGuiColorEditFlags_Float flag as well).

InputHSV = 268435456

[Input] ColorEdit, ColorPicker: input and output data in HSV format.

InputMask_ = 402653184
InputRGB = 134217728

[Input] ColorEdit, ColorPicker: input and output data in RGB format.

NoAlpha = 2

ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: ignore Alpha component (will only read 3 components from the input pointer).

NoBorder = 1024

ColorButton: disable border (which is enforced by default)

NoDragDrop = 512

ColorEdit: disable drag and drop target. ColorButton: disable drag and drop source.

NoInputs = 32

ColorEdit, ColorPicker: disable inputs sliders/text widgets (e.g. to show only the small preview color square).

NoLabel = 128

ColorEdit, ColorPicker: disable display of inline text label (the label is still forwarded to the tooltip and picker).

None = 0
NoOptions = 8

ColorEdit: disable toggling options menu when right-clicking on inputs/small preview.

NoPicker = 4

ColorEdit: disable picker when clicking on color square.

NoSidePreview = 256

ColorPicker: disable bigger color preview on right side of the picker, use small color square preview instead.

NoSmallPreview = 16

ColorEdit, ColorPicker: disable color square preview next to the inputs. (e.g. to show only the inputs)

NoTooltip = 64

ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: disable tooltip when hovering the preview.

PickerHueBar = 33554432

[Picker] ColorPicker: bar for Hue, rectangle for Sat/Value.

PickerHueWheel = 67108864

[Picker] ColorPicker: wheel for Hue, triangle for Sat/Value.

PickerMask_ = 100663296
Uint8 = 8388608

[DataType] ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: display values formatted as 0..255.