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module SF::Vulkan #

Vulkan helper functions

Class methods#

.available?(require_graphics : Bool = true) : Bool#

Tell whether or not the system supports Vulkan

This function should always be called before using the Vulkan features. If it returns false, then any attempt to use Vulkan will fail.

If only compute is required, set require_graphics to false to skip checking for the extensions necessary for graphics rendering.

\param require_graphics

Returns: True if Vulkan is supported, false otherwise

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.get_function(name : String) : VulkanFunctionPointer#

Get the address of a Vulkan function

  • name - Name of the function to get the address of

Returns: Address of the Vulkan function, 0 on failure

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.graphics_required_instance_extensions : ::Pointer(Array(String))#

Get Vulkan instance extensions required for graphics

Returns: Vulkan instance extensions required for graphics

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