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class SF::MemoryInputStream
inherits SF::InputStream #

Implementation of input stream based on a memory chunk

This class is a specialization of InputStream that reads from data in memory.

It wraps a memory chunk in the common InputStream interface and therefore allows to use generic classes or functions that accept such a stream, with content already loaded in memory.

In addition to the virtual functions inherited from InputStream, MemoryInputStream adds a function to specify the pointer and size of the data in memory.

SFML resource classes can usually be loaded directly from memory, so this class shouldn't be useful to you unless you create your own algorithms that operate on an InputStream.

Usage example:

def process(stream : InputStream)

stream =

See also: InputStream, FileInputStream



Default constructor

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.open(*args, **kwargs) : self#

Shorthand for memory_input_stream =;; memory_input_stream

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#dup : MemoryInputStream#

Returns a shallow copy of this object.

This allocates a new object and copies the contents of self into it.

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#open(data : Slice)#

Open the stream from its data

  • data - Pointer to the data in memory
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#read(data : Slice) : Int64#

Read data from the stream

After reading, the stream's reading position must be advanced by the amount of bytes read.

  • data - Buffer where to copy the read data

Returns: The number of bytes actually read, or -1 on error

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#seek(position : Int) : Int64#

Change the current reading position

  • position - The position to seek to, from the beginning

Returns: The position actually sought to, or -1 on error

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#size : Int64#

Return the size of the stream

Returns: The total number of bytes available in the stream, or -1 on error

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#tell : Int64#

Get the current reading position in the stream

Returns: The current position, or -1 on error.

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