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class SF::Ftp::Response
inherits Reference #

Define a FTP response

Direct known subclasses

SF::Ftp::DirectoryResponse SF::Ftp::ListingResponse


.new(code : Ftp::Response::Status = InvalidResponse, message : String = "")#

Default constructor

This constructor is used by the FTP client to build the response.

  • code - Response status code
  • message - Response message
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#dup : Response#

Returns a shallow copy of this object.

This allocates a new object and copies the contents of self into it.

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#message : String#

Get the full message contained in the response

Returns: The response message

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#ok? : Bool#

Check if the status code means a success

This function is defined for convenience, it is equivalent to testing if the status code is < 400.

Returns: True if the status is a success, false if it is a failure

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#status : Ftp::Response::Status#

Get the status code of the response

Returns: Status code

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