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class SF::Http::Request
inherits Reference #

Define a HTTP request


.new(uri : String = "/", method : Http::Request::Method = Get, body : String = "")#

Default constructor

This constructor creates a GET request, with the root URI ("/") and an empty body.

  • uri - Target URI
  • method - Method to use for the request
  • body - Content of the request's body
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#body=(body : String)#

Set the body of the request

The body of a request is optional and only makes sense for POST requests. It is ignored for all other methods. The body is empty by default.

  • body - Content of the body
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#dup : Request#

Returns a shallow copy of this object.

This allocates a new object and copies the contents of self into it.

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#method=(method : Http::Request::Method)#

Set the request method

See the Method enumeration for a complete list of all the availale methods. The method is Http::Request::Get by default.

  • method - Method to use for the request
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#set_field(field : String, value : String)#

Set the value of a field

The field is created if it doesn't exist. The name of the field is case-insensitive. By default, a request doesn't contain any field (but the mandatory fields are added later by the HTTP client when sending the request).

  • field - Name of the field to set
  • value - Value of the field
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#set_http_version(major : Int, minor : Int)#

Set the HTTP version for the request

The HTTP version is 1.0 by default.

  • major - Major HTTP version number
  • minor - Minor HTTP version number
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#uri=(uri : String)#

Set the requested URI

The URI is the resource (usually a web page or a file) that you want to get or post. The URI is "/" (the root page) by default.

  • uri - URI to request, relative to the host
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