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module SF::Drawable #

Abstract module for objects that can be drawn to a render target

SF::Drawable is a very simple module that allows objects of derived classes to be drawn to a SF::RenderTarget.

All you have to do in your derived class is to implement the draw function.

Note that including SF::Drawable is not mandatory, but it allows this nice syntax window.draw(object) rather than object.draw(window), which is more consistent with other SFML classes.


class MyDrawable
  include SF::Drawable

  def draw(target : SF::RenderTarget, states : SF::RenderStates)
    # You can draw other high-level objects
    target.draw(@sprite, states)

    # ... or use the low-level API
    states.texture = @texture
    target.draw(@vertices, states)

    # ... or draw with OpenGL directly
    # [...]

  @sprite : SF::Sprite
  @texture : SF::Texture
  @vertices : SF::VertexArray

See also: SF::RenderTarget

Direct including types

SF::Shape SF::Sprite SF::Text SF::VertexArray SF::VertexBuffer


abstract #draw(target : RenderTarget, states : RenderStates)#

Draw the object to a render target.

This is an abstract method that has to be implemented by the including class to define how the drawable should be drawn. * target - Render target to draw to * states - Current render states

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