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class SF::Http::Response
inherits Reference #

Define a HTTP response



Default constructor

Constructs an empty response.

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#body : String#

Get the body of the response

The body of a response may contain:

  • the requested page (for GET requests)
  • a response from the server (for POST requests)
  • nothing (for HEAD requests)
  • an error message (in case of an error)

Returns: The response body

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#dup : Response#

Returns a shallow copy of this object.

This allocates a new object and copies the contents of self into it.

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#get_field(field : String) : String#

Get the value of a field

If the field field is not found in the response header, the empty string is returned. This function uses case-insensitive comparisons.

  • field - Name of the field to get

Returns: Value of the field, or empty string if not found

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#major_http_version : Int32#

Get the major HTTP version number of the response

Returns: Major HTTP version number

See also: minor_http_version

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#minor_http_version : Int32#

Get the minor HTTP version number of the response

Returns: Minor HTTP version number

See also: major_http_version

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#status : Http::Response::Status#

Get the response status code

The status code should be the first thing to be checked after receiving a response, it defines whether it is a success, a failure or anything else (see the Status enumeration).

Returns: Status code of the response

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